Input for Book Donations

Our goal is donate up to 150 books to institutions, museums, and libraries featuring an LGBTQ collection. We would enjoy your input on where we should consider submitting one of our books. Sharing the story of The Diana Foundation is important to us, and we value your opinion on how to do this best.

Using our form below, please be sure to include as much information as possible for the institution you are recommending.


If you would like to purchase and copy of a book and have it donated to your preferred museum or library, we will do this. Your donation will be combined with a letter stating that the donation is being made in your name. A donation includes the cost of the book and shipping fees. Just click on our donation button below.

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Your Name
Consider places that host an LGBTQ collection and/or is significant in sharing the story of The Diana Foundation.
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Institution, Museum, Library Address
Providing full contact information is important in our consideration process.
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Not all institutions feature an LGBTQ collection. It is OK if not. We just want to see if our story could be an additional asset.